Compassion for the Aged Foundation is the brainchild of Oluremi Ajayi with fond memories of her grandparents and seeing how often the aged are abandoned in our society. The family unit has become so loose in this generation and we see that the older generation is often alienated, and forgotten by their immediate family due to relocation, work, and essentially new responsibilities. Compassion for the Aged Foundation came to be as a result of the virtues taught to Oluremi and others the virtues of honesty, and wisdom, and she was determined to raise awareness over the plight of the aged in society. Compassion for the Aged Foundations provide support for the social well-being of older people, and helps with various life-related issues such as housing, food, and healthcare. Through initiatives and campaigns, we aim to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of aging adults in our society.

We also aim to create effective and efficient social projects that will benefit and sustain the older community. Lastly, the foundation will reach out to a larger audience of older persons and act as a catalyst of change in bridging the gap between generations and ensuring a respectful and comfortable life for old people.

Where we Work

CAF works in the rural communities of Owode local government, Ogun state, Isolo, and Ajao ...


Community-based interventions. Foodbanks and Shop for free Health missions Counselling Services

Our Projects

Medical Outreach at siun in Owode local government, Ogun State   […]