These exceptional tips will help you and your elderly loved ones to be able to plan ahead, live better and provide the best possible care.

  1. OPEN COMMUNICATION; Everyone finds it difficult to have the “care” conversation with their parents, but believe us when we say it’s better to have these discussions with our parents when they are still fit and enjoying good health, because then they are most likely able to tell you their preferences.

These conversations may take time, but it is important to have an idea of what they would want in their old age.

How would they like to be cared for? Where would they like to be cared for? At home or in a care home? Will there be funds set aside to pay for this care?

These would help with whatever decisions have to be made in the future.


  1. MANAGE THEIR MEDICATION; Make sure you know whatever medication your parents take. Keep a record of the dosages and schedule. Ensure timely refills, and if possible, have their prescriptions delivered to them.

It is also a good idea to organize the different medication and label each with the dosage and time.   Make sure to find out if there are any side effects from these medications.

  1. SAFETY FIRST; Ensure a safe living environment by removing any potential hazards and installing any necessary safety features such as hand rails, ramps, non-slip mats, lightings that are bright enough etc


  1. SET UP A FAMILY CARE SCHEDULE; Split up responsibilities based on each relative’s strengths and other factors such as work. For example, those who enjoy cooking can take out time to create batches of meals for the parents, and so on.

Let there be a schedule that everyone fits into. This helps keep things organized so there is always someone available for cooking, errands, doctor’s appointments etc.

If necessary, hire someone to care for them and help out around the house.

  1. ENCOURAGE SOCIAL CONNECTIONS; Encourage parents to arrange social interactions and outings with friends and family.


  1. CONSIDER FUNDING AND CARE OPTIONS; There are several care options, and they differ in terms of cost. A lot of older people want to live in their homes independently when that time comes, so you may need to invest in some adaptive devices.

As time goes on, their needs may increase (based on their physical and mental capacity), then you might have to consider live-in nurses or care facilities.



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